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Oct 15, 2018

Elliott Neff is more than just a National Master in Chess. He’s learned how to develop life skills through chess and teach people all around the world, especially kids! He’s also the author of A Pawn’s Journey and CEO of Chess4Life. Elliot and Caleb talk about the power of mindset, developing foundational skills and appreciating the differences in other in the game of life.


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Show Notes

  • Elliott's Background - 0:48
  • The strategy that helped him in his company - 1:39
  • Teaching kids thru chess - 2:11
  • How he got the idea of his book - 2:34
  • A powerful mindset of success in your life - 3:45
  • What he does in his company and the purpose - 4:22
  • How he empowers others through chess - 5:03
  • Teaching teachers in chess develops life skills -5:50
  • What did you learn?: A key question for emotional intelligence - 8:40
  • Teaching kids skills through Chess4Life - 11:08
  • Why differences are good - 13:36
  • When he got started playing chess - 15:06
  • Elliott’s unique ability - 18:19
  • Learning life skills thru chess - 21:27
  • Caleb asks Elliott "The legacy question" - 22:13


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