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Jan 27, 2020

Eszylfie Taylor is the president and founder of Taylor Insurance and Financial Services located in the financial district of Pasadena, California and serves as a financial advisor to individuals, business owners, and high net worth families. Taylor is a Million Dollar Round Table Top of the Table Producer.  In 2015 he won NAIFA's Top 4 Under 40 award and launched The Taylor Method: his personal training series for financial advisors and agents. In the process of developing The Taylor Method, Mr. Taylor has coached countless agents and brought many back from the brink of leaving the business. His passion for mentoring and drive to succeed allows him to continually produce fresh, new content for his sales training system. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • How they met - 3:28
  • The philosophy of selling - 4:06
  • Eszylfie's story - 4:45
  • The Taylor Method - 6:20
  • Understanding the sales process - 8:40
  • Understanding the Taylor Method -  9:49
  • The 4 steps of the Taylor Method - 10:57
  • Not having any life insurance at all - 13:16
  • Making money and understanding the sales process - 17:16
  • Two steps to be successful - 18:00
  • How can everyone win? - 24:50
  • Do not waste time for your business - 30:05
  • His favorite book: The Big Leap - 31:10
  • The importance of sharing everything that you have learned - 32:51
  • Eszylfie's answer for the Legacy Question - 33:41
  • Get in touch with Eszylfie - 35:26

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