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Aug 29, 2019

Caleb Guilliams talks about opportunity cost, its power, why is it important, and how you should use it, so stay tuned and enjoy Caleb's insights!

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Show Notes

  • Difference between what you buy and how you buy it - 0:51
  • Be smart on what you buy - 1:24
  • Opportunity cost and efficiency - 1:35
  • When you think about opportunity cost, you need to remember the control concept - 2:15
  • What is Compounding? - 2:46
  • Every decision has a consequence for the future - 3:25
  • The importance of controlling your money - 4:08
  • Controlling capital - 4:50
  • Teaching people how money works - 6:00
  • You have to start controlling your money and capital - 7:18
  • Control your money today and in the future - 7:47
  • The difference between compound effect and control - 8:26

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