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Sep 26, 2019

Sometimes saving all your money isn’t the best option. In today's episode, Caleb Guilliams explains why savers are losers while using some examples, so stay tuned!

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Show Notes

  • Caleb's childhood - 0:21
  • The Blessing Bean Jar - 0:41
  • Spending the “Blessing Beans” - 1:44
  • A short story that represents why savers are losers - 2:57
  • Inflation and market risks - 3:42
  • Saving your money for what? - 4:13
  • Are savers losers? - 5:10
  • The importance of value creation - 6:04
  • Are you passively saving money for your future? - 6:33
  • Do not lose all your “Blessing Beans” - 7:23


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