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Oct 8, 2018

Russ Morgan taught Caleb the principle of becoming your own bank. In this particular episode, Caleb has an in-person chat with one of his mentors where they share stories, experiences, and wisdom with listeners.


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Show Notes

  • The conference Caleb attended to talk with Russ - 2:31
  • Russ's Background - 8:52
  • How it’s easier to mentor somebody when they are willing to learn - 9:54
  • Russ talks about outcomes - 11:39
  • How to be a financial planner- 14:24
  • Nash's book: Becoming your own banker - 14:59
  • The different ways to grow your wealth - 16:40
  • What is the outcome that you want for your money? - 18:08
  • There are no right or wrong investments, there're right or wrong investors - 20:54
  • Wall Street as a tool to make money - 22:08
  • The importance of not getting distracted and being focused - 24:51
  • Russ explains opportunity cost - 25:28
  • Russ shares the best book he ever read - 28:06
  • The ways outside of the traditional mindset - 31:04
  • How to innovate in an industry that is old - 32:22
  • Caleb asks the “legacy question” to Russ - 33:06
  • We can bring value to the world and make a difference - 34:24
  • We can achieve what we want to achieve - 35:25

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