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Oct 28, 2019

A piece of good news that is going to radically change Caleb's business will be today's topic! Caleb talks to Jake Randall, he shares the importance of saying "yes" to good things, for example, partnerships. Some partnerships give you credibility as a company, so stay tuned and listen to their thoughts on the partnership between Better Wealth Solutions and TAXBOT. Enjoy!


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Show Notes

  • Better Wealth Solutions and TAXBOT - 4:38
  • Making waves in the industry with a partnership - 5:29
  • The CEO of TAXBOT and his background - 6:38
  • Making a company exciting - 8:32
  • Trying to build something of value that people will pay you for - 11:11
  • Talking about TAXBOT's background - 11:44
  • The Infinite Banking Strategy and why Jake uses it - 21:36
  • Seeing a good business opportunity - 24:10
  • What makes TAXBOT so unique - 28:06
  • The number one mistake small business owners make - 32:38
  • You need experts around your business - 33:54
  • The key to every business is understanding the customer - 34:54
  • Jake's answer for The Legacy Question - 37:21
  • The most rewarding thing in Jake's life - 38:42


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