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Jan 3, 2020

Caleb is joined one more time by Right-Hand-Dan to reflect on the past year and how it shaped the company but most importantly to reveal they will be hosting the first live event by Better Wealth Solutions.

The event will take place in October of 2020 but first, they want to make sure they cover all your needs by running a survey. Make sure to get into the Better Wealth email list to help us make our first-ever live event a total success!


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Show Notes

  • The biggest goal for 2020 was having a live event - 1:53
  • Dan reflects on the past year and the values of Better Wealth - 4:46
  • The expectations for their first live event - 6:17
  • Education, coaching, and community - 7:35
  • Having the opportunity to interact in person with the community and mentors - 8:32
  • Getting feedback from you to make this awesome! - 11:02
  • Get into our email list to get the survey - 12:10
  • Giving more value to the podcast - 14:48


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