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Feb 17, 2020

Trent has become the coach best known for creating sales conversations and questions that remove resistance from the sales process and motivates prospective clients and advisors alike to take action now to improve their financial lives today so they can live the life they want. Caleb talks about how they met each other, Trent's mission, his coaching program, and a lot more, so be sure to stay tuned until the end, and enjoy this episode!

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Show Notes

  • How they met - 1:16
  • Think on what you do what you do - 1:55
  • Trent's story and how he got into this business - 3:30
  • Being a financial coach for advisors - 5:48
  • Trent's mission - 6:07
  • Be careful with bad influences in life - 8:18
  • Coaching people how money works - 8:38
  • Fear of how to handle the success - 9:51
  • Gratitude is a way to accept things in life - 10:50
  • Ask yourself what you want to be - 11:51
  • What you can do to reduce your loses - 12:53
  • The value of a dollar that you are not using it - 16:00
  • Playing a financial game that you do not know the rules of - 17:19
  • Working in some books for the future - 19:59
  • Trent's answer for the Legacy Question - 20:22
  • Do not overcomplicate your financial decisions - 20:54
  • The economic life value - 21:20
  • Maintain control of your money - 21:58
  • Lessons that he learned after making mistakes - 22:00

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