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Aug 22, 2019

Better Wealth Solutions Studio has an intern: Alex Landshark. Listen as he talks with Caleb and shares his experience learning in a top financial institution, so stay tuned and enjoy!


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Show Notes

  • Alex's background - 1:30
  • Credits with an internship - 2:03
  • How to apply yourself to things that you are passionate about - 2:48
  • Ask yourself: why am I here? - 4:16
  • Learning with an internship in a financial institution - 5:59
  • Reading can lead you to the truth - 7:40
  • Alex is grateful for the things that he knows now - 9:49
  • You always have to think outside the box - 11:17
  • Having a lot to learn still - 11:30
  • Believing in changing the world - 12:14


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