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Mar 16, 2020

We are going back to a recording that Caleb made in February when all the chaos with the Coronavirus exploded and the market was crashing. Caleb shares what he predicted during that time, be sure to stay tuned, and enjoy Caleb's thoughts at the Infinite Banking Think Tank!

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Show Notes

  • What Caleb predicted a month ago - 2:01
  • What Caleb learned at the Infinite Banking Think Tank in Alabama - 2:18
  • Nelson Nash's important insights - 2:50
  • How can you become your own banker? - 3:20
  • Taking control of your life back - 3:38
  • Better ways to serve people - 4:23
  • Caleb’s takeaways from the IBC event - 4:46
  • How Caleb met Nelson Nash - 5:55
  • Five simple rules for IBC - 6:41
  • Putting money into a life insurance policy - 8:22
  • What would happen if you implement Nash's philosophy? - 9:21
  • Do not do business with banks - 11:12
  • Becoming your own banker in your life - 12:30
  • Rethink your thinking - 14:07
  • Interest rates and what's going on - 17:36
  • What could manipulate the markets - 18:00
  • In life and business, there are so many things we can do to take the next step - 18:57
  • The importance of savings and rethinking in life - 19:40


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