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Dec 30, 2019

We're going to end the year with a special edition. This week, Caleb doesn't have a guest but instead wanted to get deep and personal with you guys. If you're someone that is into new year's resolutions that totally works but our host invites you to think beyond on how do I want your life to look in 2020? For this, Caleb wants to share with you his four-step blueprint process, so stay tuned!


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Show Notes

  • 2019 was the year of becoming a speaker for Caleb - 2:57
  • What things went well and what things like what can you celebrate? - 3:53
  • The four step blueprint process - 5:16
  • First, get to know yourself! - 6:11
  • Be efficient - 7:36
  • Save money - 9:37
  • Use of money - 12:20
  • Caleb’s wishes for you on 2020 - 14:34


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