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Nov 14, 2019

Caleb will dive into the “Habitudes” exposed in Tim Elmore’s book. These images have a different perspective about leadership and Caleb will dive into all of them in this three-part series. Today, he talks about the image of the iceberg that represents leadership: the 10% above the water is your skill and the 90% below the water is your character. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • The Habitudes book - 0:35
  • How this leadership concept changed his life - 1:20
  • The Iceberg Image - 2:01
  • The idea of the Habitudes - 2:22
  • The Iceberg represents your leadership - 2:34
  • Referencing the Titanic - 3:00
  • Two different types of icebergs - 3:17
  • Thinking about a leader's character - 3:45
  • What happens when you have lack of character - 4:15
  • Our character is a core value - 5:13
  • How a lack of character will destroy you - 7:33
  • Dr. Tim Elmore's focus questions - 8:34
  • Character does not happen by accident - 9:41

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