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Mar 30, 2020

Caleb talks Dan Kaminski! He is currently pushing the financial service industry into the 21st century. Dan is building a platform for Better Wealth Solutions to educate and coach as many people as are willing to listen. At Better Wealth, they believe the current financial model is flawed. They know there are proven, better ways to true financial freedom. Dan and Caleb encourage you to challenge the status quo and change the way you think about money.

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Show Notes

  • A podcast for business owners - 1:27
  • Having no control of what is going to happen - 2:02
  • Money going to SBAs - 3:09
  • The payroll protection program - 4:19
  • Your business credit score - 4:44
  • Control cost and having access to capital - 6:14
  • What if you need a lot of money? - 6:47
  • The maximum amount of the loan - 9:37
  • This is going to affect our country - 12:59
  • Taking advantage of opportunities - 13:37
  • Beware of short-term loans - 14:11
  • Rethinking how we can grow our businesses - 14:42

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