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Jul 30, 2020

The most important thing you need to be wealthy is how you THINK!


In today's Better Wealth Unlocked Episode, Jereme and I discuss what it looks like on the front line to discuss with people their hopelessness, shame, hardship when it comes to thinking about money and savings. Wealth is a construct of the mind and it is important to acknowledge that saving is a delayed gratification process. On the front line hard conversations include a person’s need to increase income and decrease consumption, which is a very emotional conversation.  Like evaluating your health to find ways you can better your health and life expectancy, the first step is getting clarity and belief on what could be and knowing the elements or issues that are keeping you stuck. BUT, you are more than just your money. With everything we do here at BetterWealth our desire and motivation is that when you step out of our coaching call you are excited to know that you have options and choices to build hope. We encourage you to take the first step….take our assessment and call for a guided assessment!







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