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Feb 24, 2020

For over 30 years, Mark Bertrang has been a trusted advisor to families. He is the creator of Financialoscopy®. As a professional communicator (broadcasting was his first career), for more than a generation, Mark has communicated the message of financial security. Engaging audiences at financial conferences and industry meetings throughout the country provides an outlet to share his passionate message. In today's episode, Caleb talks with Mark about his story, his vision, and his mission to help clients ensure their loved ones. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • How Caleb and Mark met - 2:21
  • Mark's background - 3:14
  • Is it all about assets? - 3:55
  • Accelerating clients' career and knowledge - 4:57
  • Keeping your cash your safe- 6:25
  • The value of controlling your money - 7:33
  • Mark's book: Investments Don't Hug - 9:00
  • Having a plan is vital! - 9:43
  • Learn about life insurance - 10:03
  • A product that offers you something that others cannot guarantee - 12:10
  • About Financialoscopy® - 13:32
  • Mark's examples using life insurance - 16:01
  • Emotional stories - 19:06
  • Mark's answer for the legacy question - 19:33

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