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Feb 12, 2020

What an amazing experience! The Truth Training gave Caleb and Ian Messina insight knowledge about calculators, interest rates, ROR... and more. Listen to this episode as they talk about Truth Training's summary!

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Show Notes

  • Day 3 at Truth Training - 2:32
  • Key highlights of day 3 - 3:40
  • There are so many ways you can buy a house - 4:37
  • Breaking down the mortgage - 5:31
  • Talking about inflation - 9:55
  • Human behavior when it comes to investing - 10:44
  • What you thought was truth, may not be - 12:01
  • Get the most value of all that you're doing - 14:18
  • Helping people understand how money works - 16:38
  • Why documentaries are so great  - 20:07
  • Ian's answer for The Legacy Question - 20:34
  • Ian's biggest goal for this year - 21:41

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