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Feb 10, 2020

Welcome to Day 1 of the Truth Concepts Training deep brief with Ian Messina.  Caleb and Ian will talk about their goals and experiences at Truth Concepts. Listen and enjoy!


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Show Notes

  • How many calculators you can use - 3:26
  • Proving how the numbers work - 3:45
  • You need to know the truth - 4:38
  • Doing the right things for your clients - 4:57
  • Learning about principles and calculators - 5:49
  • What's the time value? - 6:33
  • Every decision you make has a consequence - 7:11
  • Explaining the principles using the example of buying a car - 8:18
  • Explaining the time value of money - 10:15
  • What's human life value? - 10:50
  • Helping people save more money - 11:40
  • The true value of saving money - 12:08
  • When you use truth and efficiency, you get a powerful financial strategy - 14:44


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