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Nov 28, 2019

Thanksgiving is the time of year for being grateful for the people you work with, the good things that happened during the year, and of course the beloved people that are always beside you in every moment of your life. Today, Caleb shares his Thanksgiving message, why he is so grateful this year, and why we should stay tuned for every Better Wealth podcast. Stay tuned, and enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


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Show Notes

  • The Thanksgiving edition - 0:16
  • On Thanksgiving day, what do you do? - 0:47
  • Sharing Caleb's gratitude about his year - 1:39
  • What does Caleb do daily? - 3:11
  • Being grateful every day - 3:30
  • Areas that Caleb is grateful for - 4:33
  • Being grateful for his family, clients, mentors, and the people he works with - 5:47
  • What will happen in 2020? - 7:12
  • Being grateful for his teammates and podcast listeners - 7:33
  • Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! - 11:27


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