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Oct 24, 2019

Today, Caleb talks with his dear friend Dan in this second part of the two-part series about EOS. Caleb is on a mission of helping people to think differently about Wall Street and savings. Dan is a big part of Better Wealth's growth and they explain why sometimes it's better to say “no.” They dive into the EOS strategy to scale your business, so enjoy and learn!

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Show Notes

  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System - 0:36
  • The purpose of what Better Wealth is doing - 1:16
  • What they do better than anybody else - 1:51
  • Listing out the core values of Better Wealth - 3:20
  • A happy growth mindset - 5:08
  • The goal of the company - 6:29
  • The accountability chart - 11:01
  • Everybody has a specific role and function - 12:19
  • The idea of a ninety-days world - 13:11
  • A book to know what EOS is all about - 15:27

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