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Oct 23, 2019

Caleb brings on “right hand Dan”, Dan Kaminski for this very special episode. Today, they touch on the role of Dan on the growth of Better Wealth Solutions and how it is better to say NO to good opportunities to leave room to say yes to GREAT ones! Also, they discuss how the usage of the EOS strategy has played a major role in this stage of the business. 

If you wanna know how the EOS strategy can scale your business, listen and learn!

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Show Notes

  • Learning as a company - 2:08
  • You have to say no to certain things - 2:39
  • Starting to build a team - 2:54
  • What's EOS? - 3:16
  • Wanting to build a billion-dollar company - 4:17
  • Simplifying the business and what value you bring to the world- 6:51
  • Working ON the business and not IN the business - 8:22
  • The six components of EOS - 8:55
  • The goal: that everybody in the company understands EOS - 9:50
  • The values of Better Wealth - 10:34
  • Being with people that you love being around - 12:07
  • The reason why Better Wealth exists - 12:45
  • Helping you have control of your life - 13:10
  • What to do if you want to scale your business - 13:51

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