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Oct 21, 2019

Caleb takes us through the history of the show and shares why he started it, where it is currently, where it’s going, and how this podcast has changed him. Also, he invites you to go to the brand new site Stay tuned and enjoy!


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Show Notes

  • Some context about the podcast - 0:53
  • Better Wealth's first episode - 0:56
  • Why Caleb loves podcasts - 1:46
  • Starting the podcast to build relationships - 2:14
  • Having a podcast takes effort - 2:55
  • The best way to have a conversation with a client - 4:08
  • Knowing as a company what the priorities are - 5:43
  • Social media is a great thing - 7:34
  • Being clear on what they should be focusing on  - 7:59
  • Wanting to take the podcast to the next level - 8:18
  • Helping people live to the highest potential - 9:48
  • Launching - 11:00
  • What's going to be the survey - 13:10
  • What's going to be a priority - 14:21


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