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Oct 1, 2018

What if it was possible to never need a bank again? Nelson Nash sits down with Caleb Guilliams to chat about the infinite banking concept and his world famous becoming your own banker strategy.


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Show Notes

  • Nelson’s background and why he broke from the mold - 1:56
  • Why Caleb hated Nelson’s book the first time he read it - 7:10
  • The most profitable business in the world - 9:27
  • How we finance everything we purchase - 11:32
  • Why people have massive problems with finances - 16:21
  • Unpacking Parkinson’s Law and how it applies to you - 18:25
  • What infinite banking really means - 20:30
  • Why it’s not about a high rate of return - 26:38
  • Money vs Value - 30:34
  • The most peaceful, stress free way of life - 33:54
  • Nelson’s final piece of advice - 38:15


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